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Do “Inspirational” books often leave you feeling uninspired? Does your spiritual practice take a backseat to The Walking Dead? Do all the self-help books you binge on end up becoming shelf-help books that gather dust and never get their bindings cracked? 

Alphabet Soup for Grown-Ups: 26 Ways to Not Worry (Really!), Be Happy (Truly!), and Get Over Yourself (Finally!) is a book that just might change your relationship with the most important person in your life: yourself. It’s a down-to-earth, accessible, inspirational book, without all the new age mumbo jumbo; just 26 simple and hilarious ways for people to stop postponing happiness and live their dreams now. Acclaimed author Anthony Meindl picks up where his first book, At Left Brain Turn Right, leaves off and gives readers 26 fresh and practical life tools for everyday people covering the A to Z’s of “B”-ing!

Praise for Alphabet Soup for Grown-Ups...

"It's a remarkably funny and wise little book."

Jonah Lehrer
Author of Imagine and How We Decide 

"In 'Alphabet Soup for Grown-Ups,' Anthony Meindl weaves a rich tapestry of lighthearted, home-spun, practical wisdom for effective, inspired living. Expressed with wits and in an entertaining style, Anthony offers real world insight and guidance that empowers you to live a happier life with greater awareness, authenticity and freedom."

John Raatz
Principal, The Visioneering Group & Founder, Global Alliance for Transformational Entertainment

"Anthony Meindl finds joy in the day-to-day challenges of modern life. ALPHABET SOUP FOR GROWNUPS empowers us to own our thoughts, words and deeds leading to a more authentic and fulfilling future." 

Cheryl Woodcock
Special Correspondent/Producer, Entertainment Tonight

"Anthony Meindl makes self-actualization 'child’s play' in his must-read book ALPHABET SOUP FOR GROWN-UPS.  In witty and laugh out loud chapters, Meindl introduces fundamental building blocks for happiness and cements them with practical tools for change."

Dr. Shirley Impellizzeri
Bestselling Author, “Why Can’t I Change? How to Conquer Your Self-Destructive Patterns”

"ALPHABET SOUP FOR GROWN-UPS provides basic but essential spiritual ingredients to nourish mind, body and soul (using things we might already have on our 'shelves'). Hungry for answers? Anthony Meindl shares a taste-full recipe for true self-acceptance. Soup's on!"

Carolyn Hennesy
Emmy nominated Actress, General Hospital, True Blood