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2013 Northeast Film Festival Winner: Audience Award

2013 Northeast Film Festival Nominations:

Best Feature
Best Actor in a Feature - Anthony Meindl
Best Director - Anthony Meindl
Best Screenplay - Anthony Meindl
Best Actress in a Feature - Lindsay Frame
Best Supporting Actress in a Feature - Olympia Dukakis
Best Supporting Actress in a Feature - Lindsay Hollister

Birds of a Feather

A screwball musical comedy about putting on a Broadway show even when the odds are stacked against you. 








What People Are Saying


Smells Like Screen Spirit

- “Writer-director Anthony Meindl’s Birds of a Feather is for all of those aspiring directors, writers and actors in the audience who are always thinking back, thinking about the things they never did, thinking of all of their mistakes, missteps and failures.” – Smells Like Screen Spirit

Honolulu Weekly

“Filmmaking itself is like building a nest. You select and pull from the world around you to create something that can hopefully sustain the life you made. That’s what writer-director-actor Anthony Meindl’s done with Birds of a Feather, a broad comedy set in a small world: Hollywood.” – Honolulu Weekly

Rich Girl Productions

“If you want to laugh and I mean really laugh then Birds of a Feather is the film to watch. You don’t need to be an actor to get the irony of this film.” – Rich Girl Productions

what is rhetoric? | Birds of a Feather

“…if you're an artist struggling to keep your dream alive, it will leave you feeling a whole lot better and inspired to keep going, despite the odds.” – What Is Rhetoric?

Movie Dearest

“ Trevor Donovan playing himself, Blubberella star Lindsay Hollister and, in a too-brief appearance, Oscar winner Olympia Dukakis. Such actors assure that Birds of a Feather at least has cult film potential, although mainstream lovers of theatre and movie musicals will likely love it too. It deserves distribution.” – Movie Dearest