Anthony Meindls Actor WorkshopAnthony Meindls Actor WorkshopAnthony Meindls Actor Workshop

The Program of Classes

Get ready for your work to change and grow faster than you have ever experienced in any other LA acting school. It all starts with a revolutionary 6-week course that will change your life forever:

Tony generally co-teaches (with one of the other AMAW master los angeles acting teachers) all Intro classes of this new technique. The Intro Class is a 6-week commitment and meets twice a week, one working class and one lecture/observation class. A major shift in your work takes place during these two months – faster and more tangible than any other acting program. It is designed to very quickly move you from an actor who “acts” into a person who learns how to embody and live feeling truthfully.

Generally, after the Intro Class the entire class becomes a Phase I Class. Class will be taught by one of the other teachers at the studio. The work in this class becomes more specific, focusing on developing listening skills and the muscle of being present. Students learn scene analysis and commitment exercises. Students are eligible to participate in many of the studio workshops (predominantly the popular casting workshops) once they enter Phase I Class.

If the student has particular challenges that require more time and work, the Phase 1 class continues for these students, breaking down exercises more specifically for each actor’s needs.

Phase II is an accelerated program for students who are excelling in Phase I. Generally, all students will eventually graduate to a Phase II class – but this depends on the learning curve of the actor and how quickly they master the basic lessons in Phase I. The actor’s work also involves a major commitment to the business side of acting in order to be moved into this next phase class.

The Phase III class is taught by one of the studio’s teachers. This is an accelerated, intense scene-study class where students who’ve mastered the basic fundamentals from Phase I and II are asked to participate. The work becomes amplified and exercises of individual self-expression are explored. Phase III actors are eligible to participate in advanced workshops, showcases, and industry-related events.

Taught by Anthony and is by invitation only based on the work that the student has been creating for the last year. These Master Classes consist of students who are not only committed to the work, but also serious about their careers as actors. Generally, it is a class comprised of professional working actors who are committed to living their lives as actors.

There are additional classes taught throughout the year, being lead by all the teachers at the studio. Some of the classes include:

  • An On-Camera Film Class
  • An On-Camera TV/Film Audition Intensive
  • Scene Study Intensive
  • The Director Series
  • Movement For The Actor
  • Voice/Dialect Class
  • Breath Work Intensive
  • Meditation Class

The actor will always work in his or her class every week. If there is a missed class, the actor is allowed to do a working make-up in the designated classes that are available to do make-ups. No make-ups are allowed in Tony’s Master Classes. There is no specific timeline for graduation to the next phase class. Although we have general time-lines and approximations for most students, every student’s journey is different and the time it takes may vary. Classes move according to the needs of that class and the skills exhibited by individual students and classes as a whole.