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The Actors Workshop philosphy of acting centers on living moment-to-moment in the material. Working from the truth of who you are is a proven departure from more conservative techniques that often prevent actors from fulfilling their creative potential. Anthony Meindl's technique disproves the myths surrounding characterization and the "method" philosophies that hinder the actor from experiencing himself "in the moment".

All great acting methods must have moment-to-moment awareness as the foundation of their technique; this kind of awareness is at the heart of Meindl's teaching. No preparation, no planning, no homework that an actor does on a scene in class or on a job can ever supersede what is actually happening in the moment you are living. Acting is living Life, not controlling it or even "playing" it. Life unfolds moment-to-moment, as it is happening. Acting, therefore, unfolds moment-to-moment too. And yet, so many acting styles prevent us from experiencing ourselves as characters organically and prevent us from truly listening and responding to what we are experiencing as it comes at us.

Acting is not showing, not commenting on, not representing emotions. Acting is actually experiencing yourself BEING in these extraordinary situations! That's what acting is! In fact, acting is not really acting at all, it's RE-acting and that comes from squarely being present and responding to what is occurring. Meindl's technique enables you to use yourself-- all of your being-- when working with the material. And in so doing, you fulfill the character's story that the playwright is trying to tell. You experience yourself under the imaginary circumstances of the play. It's the beauty of acting!

Classes are held at:

Meta Theatre
7801 Melrose Ave.
W. Hollywood 90046

Corner of Melrose/Ogden St -- 2 blocks east of Fairfax

All students work every class. Introductory classes are taught by Anthony Meindl.

Free auditing is allowed.

  Everyone who studies at the studio takes a 8-week introduction course. This applies to both beginning actors and actors currently working with experience. The intro course is designed to familiarize actors with our approach to the work, the actual practical aesthetics of getting up and working, our radically different approach to scene study, and understanding of the vocabulary we use.

After the 8-week intro, classes matriculate either into their own ongoing intermediate class or are absorbed into other ongoing classes where they continue advancing by working on more challenging exercises/scenes. Every class adjusts to a certain actor's level so that the actor is never pushed or forced to participate in an activity in which he or she is not yet ready.

The advanced class is usually comprised of students who have been at the studio for at least 6 months to a year or show a high level of commitment and truth to the work. The advanced classes generally do more experimental work and are the first to be included in series workshops.




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