Anthony Meindls Actor WorkshopAnthony Meindls Actor WorkshopAnthony Meindls Actor Workshop

Getting Into Class

Los Angeles acting classes can be a bit of a strange alternate Universe. Actors in L.A. change classes like they change boyfriends! Once you find the right class, you want to stay there so you can grow and really get called out on all the things you have been trying to avoid.

What’s the “right” class?

Well, when you audit, you’ll know. It’s the one that scares you. You’ll be totally freaked out by the work and the commitment to fearlessness and probably the lessons being taught because you are hearing things you’ve never heard before. That’s a fantastic class. That’s THE class to take! Oh, and you won’t see people “acting!”

So, it’s up to you. Once you schedule an audit and meet with Tony you’ll know. Go where the terror is and you’ll find that your life is really ready to take you on a wild ride. It’s sort of been waiting for you to just say YES.

Will I get in?

If you aren’t a homicidal maniac/stalker/Debbie-downer then pretty much you will be taken in under our protective wing and cared for and whipped into fantastic acting shape and be lead into a new world of confidence and hope and possibility and fun! It’s sort of a no-brainer. Duh. What are you waiting for?

What classes do you offer?

Read about the classes offered at AMAW in "How It All Works" section.