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"I think Tony is absolutely incredible and coming to class for me isn't just about letting loose and growing my ability as an actor but more sometimes to really open up myself to the Universe and just be.  Sometimes I find him saying things that I mentally live by and its so refreshing to constantly hear them being affirmed.  Thank you so much for every week re-instilling that positivity and creativity and openness within. You allow me as an actor to forget about the character and remember about Shailene, which makes every movement, moment and word so authentic and true.  I'm so grateful to have you as a mentor."

Shailene Woodley
Star of White Bird in a Blizzard, Divergent, The Fault In Our Stars, BAFTA Rising Star Award Nominee, Hollywood Film Awards - Breakthrough Actress Award, Golden Globe Nominee - The Descendants (w/ George Clooney)

In Loving Memory of Cory. 1982 - 2013.

Cory Monteith
SAG Award Winning Actor, Star of Glee, Final Destination 3

"Iíve been lucky enough to experiment with many forms of acting training over the past decade, and though Iím grateful for those experiences, I always felt that my work came off as exactly that: TRAINED. I went to Tony and found that he was teaching something else, something much simpler; how to listen, not only to your partner and the story but to yourself. Thereís now a sense of ease, flexibility and play in my work and in my every day life that I know comes directly from my time with Tony."

Ian Harding
Pretty Little Liars, Teen Choice Award - Choice TV Actor

"Tony has an infectious enthusiasm and kindness that creates such a supportive environment to work in. I saw myself and others transform and become braver in just a couple of weeks. He not only teaches acting but also how to approach and survive this crazy world and crazy business we have chosen to be in... I'm happy I met him and am so excited to continue working with him."

Alexandra Daddario
Star of Percy Jackson & The Olympians, Texas Chainsaw 3D, True Detective, Married, New Girl

"Tony is an amazing acting coach and human being and most importantly; he is incredibly passionate and TRULY cares for his students. You can be sure you'll be inspired and never discouraged when you go to his classes or coach with him. Having an acting coach like Tony with a positive outlook towards actors, the industry, life and the universe is an open door for anyone to expand and grow. Tony believed in me when others had doubts and pushed me to be all I can be with full confidence and I'll always be thankful for that."

Edy Ganem
Star of Devious Maids, Entourage, Like Crazy

"Anthony Meindl's Actor's Workshop provides me with an environment that allows me to push past my previous boundaries and make extraordinary breakthroughs in not only my acting but in my personal life as well. Tony emphasizes the importance and the TRUTH of living in the moment! The importance of BEING in each and every situation! And allowing the life in a scene and your own personal life to unfold as it may and to experience each and every moment fully. Tony and the studio have been an extremely inspirational part of my never-ending jounrey as an actor and as a human being! Thanks T-Bone, you're the Man!!!"

Trevor Donovan
Star of 90210, The Client List, Melissa & Joey, Savages (dir. Oliver Stone), Birds of a Feather, Awkward, Texas RIsing (mini-Series)

"Tony's class's have been great for me to simplify my acting, focusing on listening and reacting truthfully. the teachers create a great environment to learn, take chances and grow all the while devoid of judgment."

Daniel Cudmore
X-Men: Days of Future Past, The Twilight Saga

"I walked into Anthony's studio with a sense of trepidation....... I walked out feeling like I could conquer LA."

Charlie Bewley
Star of Hammer of the Gods, Twilight: New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn Part 1 & 2, Like Crazy, Extant

"Tony comes from the source and uncovers your authenticity. This is the most valuable thing an actor can posses; one's self. It is here that your true creativity will be freed and can begin to spill and gush. He is not only supporting but advancing the craft of acting. His wisdom is profound and extremely powerful, if you are just willing to listen and take action."

Rick Cosnett
Star of The Flash

"Anthony Meindl has a passion for the craft and teaches it with grace and expertise. Every actor should cross paths with this coach before they face the auditioning circuit."

Ashton Holmes
Star of Revenge, A History of Violence, The Pacific (mini-series), Nikita, Criminal Minds

"Anthony is kind of like the "Oprah" of acting. In order to thrive as actors, we need to surround ourselves with love, emotional support, guidance, and people dedicated to giving us compassion and insight."

Kether Donohue
Star On FX's You're The Worst, Pitch Perfect

"Anthony not only has an expansive knowledge of acting and different acting styles but he has an incredible understanding of the industry. I believe it is this combination that has forged his incredible insight and style of teaching. He has an infectious positivity and genuine love of acting, story telling and life. I love being around, learning from and working with Anthony. My work is richer and I reach deeper emotional connections. I would recommend not only Anthony but all the incredible teachers he has hand selected to teach at his schools."

Anna Hutchinson
The Cabin in the Woods, Anger Management

"Tony has enhanced my work as a performer by forcing me to stay more in the present and not worrying about the past and future. He also gave me the enormous gift of being able walk in to any audition or meeting and tell myself 'I am enough' and whole heartedly mean it!' That power of being so relaxed has definitely given me an edge and loads of confidence."

Shaun Brown
Recurring on THE NEWSROOM and true blood, The First Family, Glee

"I have been fortunate enough throughout my life to have found a number of mentors who have helped shape and grow me as an artist, but there is perhaps no one who has done this more so than Anthony Meindl. Tony's technique is simple yet powerful and deeply effective. Life and acting go hand-in-hand, and Tony recognizes that. He doesn't just teach you to be a good actor, he teaches you how to be a good human. He brings out the things that make each an every one of us unique and shines a glorious light on them."

Nadia Alexander
Ten Thousand Saints, Boardwalk Empire, The Mob Doctor

"I call Tony an emotional chiropractor. He finds where you are stuck and opens you up to the possibility of your own magnificence."

Larisa Oleynik
Star of Hawaii Five-O, Mad Men, Pretty Little Liars, Atlas Shrugged 2

"Its so simple, if you commit to Tonys class, there's no way you won't conquer all your fears while you stay true to yourself, live in the moment and enjoy your craft! The first class with him I walked out a different person, a better actress, I can't thank him enough.""

Lorenza Izzo
star of aftershock, Hemlock Grove, Sex Ed

"In the short time I've known and worked with Anthony, he not only has inspired me to be better, but has also changed the way I look at my craft. Thanks for making me comfortable in my own skin!"

Star of 90210 & Scary Movie

"I found Tony at a time when I was searching for inspiration and the desire to go deeper in my work. I found that and so much more! Tony finds exactly what is that is holding you back as an actor and at the same time gives you so much confidence to be the best artist and person you can be. I look forward to his class every week and I saw immediate positive changes in my work."

Jenna Dewan-Tatum
Star of AMERICAN HORROR STORY: ASYLUM, Witches of East End, 10 Years, Step Up, The Grudge 2

"Tony has a remarkable insight that enables him to locate the weak points in an actor's repertoire and the acuity to exercise those weaknesses until they become strengths. He will inspire you to be not only a better actor but a better, more well-rounded human being."

Allison Miller
Star of Selfie (ABC), Devil's Due, Go On, Terra Nova, 17 Again, Bad Teacher

"Tony helps you discover truth and opportunity for play in the work. He sincerely gauges and challenges your abilities in an environment conducive to breaking through your own boundaries. Studying here has allowed me to reach new depths in my work, my life and to develop a broader emotional availability."

Keahu Kahuanui

"Tony brought me to face the radical concept - 'I am enough' - you don't need to do anything. The simplicity of how easy acting can be with Tony is brilliantly liberating."

Lucy Fry
Star of TV Show Lightning Point, Star of Vampire Academy

"I really think that what is taught in Anthony Meindl's classes is so important and often overlooked in an actor's profession. The science of the moment. Being in the moment, allowing it to affect you and trusting your reaction within it. As in life, each moment is new, unknown and spectacular. And as in life, we always try to plan our moments. To protect ourselves. And it almost Never goes to Plan. Mostly because of the plan itself. Do your homework, know who you are, where you're going and what you want. Then forget all that. And just be..."

Fatal Instinct, The Break Up, The Mentalist, CSI

"Tony empowered me to the understanding that an artist's greatest asset is himself and that mastery of acting, is mastery of the moment."

Josh Zuckerman
Star of 90210, CBGB, Sex Drive

"Something extraordinary is happening through Anthony Meindl and the studio he's created. He's engaged in and interacting with acting in a way I've not experienced in twenty years as a full-time actor. An actor friend says, "Acting is life itself. There is no other life." And that's what I'm getting more than ever through Anthony and AMAW. He's synthesizing life and neuroscience and spirituality and acting in a way that reminds and demonstrates that they're all really one expression. For they are. He focuses more powerfully than I've yet seen on what it is to be truly present, to drop from the head to the heart. As a result of this work, I'm more alive and engaged as an actor, more excited about what's being expressed through me, than I have ever been. If you haven't watched his video blogs, you're in for a treat when you do. The man is on fire, channeling some deeply potent and impacting ideas. I suspect that a time will come when Anthony's contribution will be viewed as a turning point in the world of acting. I'm grateful to be a part of and present for the transformation."

Robert Gant
Queer as Folk, NCIS, Shameless, The Young And The Restless

"Tony taught me that acting is listening and allowing emotions and feelings to arise fully and freely. Listening in this way is incredibly vulnerable because there is no where to hide and nothing to prove. i just show up as me and take the ride with my partner as we tell the story."

Christina Moses
CW's Containment

"Tony has given me the platform to stand on my own confidence. I've learned to live in the subtleties. When we truly listen & feel our performance becomes realistic & interesting. Tony helped me out of a rut that I was continually digging deeper."

Dillon Lane
Bucket and Skinner's Epic Adventures

"This studio teaches more than just becoming a great actor, it teaches you to deepen your day to day experience of the moment. It is a frightening, exhilarating, and liberating way to be on stage and in life: Being here, being present. Tony resonates the truth." 

Devon Werkheiser
Greek, Criminal Minds

"Tony helps you to discover more about yourself with the intention of opening up your possibilities as an actor. Through taking this class, I've learned to trust my instincts and make strong choices in the moment. On a personal level, Tony has strengthened my confidence in my acting ability. I'm glad I found Anthony Meindl's Workshop so I can continue my growth as an actor."

Sarah Hagan
90210, Private Practice, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Freaks And Geeks

"On the way to test for "Mom" I was literally telling my mother about Tony's lecture on learning to be comfortable when you are uncomfortable. I've learned so much from Tony. Seriously, the amount I look forward to class every week is a little ridiculous."

Sadie Calvano
Star of CBS show Mom, NCIS, J. Edgar, Crash & Bernstein, Melissa & Joey

"Tony really focuses on bringing your own personality to every role. You're not creating a character so much as a version of yourself in the given circumstances."

Kate Lang Miner
Necessary Roughness, The Secret Life Of The American Teenager, The Campaign, Hart of Dixie

"When I saw the magnitude of my fervent desire to become the best actor I can be was rivaled by Tony's impassioned mission to open his actors up to their own unique truthfulness, I knew that I was in the right building. With ZERO ego, Tony provides a completely nonjudgemental, safe and dynamic creative laboratory for each of us to experiment, stare into the face of our insecurities and develop our instruments."

J.R. Lemon
Night Shift, Tyler Perry's A Madea Christmas, Night Shift

"Tony's intuitive way of teaching is pure magic. He helps you find the core of who you are as a person, then the work just flows through you"

Olivia Dudley
The Dictator, Moneyball, Chernobyl Diaries, Arrested Development, Transcendence

"I absolutely love studying with Tony. His ability to perceive microscopically where the work isnít truthful is unparalleled in my experience. He is able to feel energetically where an actor is either closed off or wanting to open, and is a master at encouraging the actor to allow the birth of that opening. Tony is ever-inspiring, with his commitment to realization of the true Self that each of us uniquely offer. I know that I have no choice but to continue to expand as a human being and live more authentically as who I really am. And most importantly, I am finally again having FUN in an acting class and remembering why I wanted to be an actor in the first place!"

Ryan Carnes
Series Regular on Desperate Housewives, Rizzoli & Isles, NCIS, General Hospital, Suburgatory

"I've had a lot of acting teachers and none have furthered me in my acting like Anthony has. What he teaches makes so much sense and he has an incredible ability to get you out of your comfort zone and into the character."

Ryan Rottman
Star of 90210, The Lying Game, The House Bunny, Happyland

"Long story short, Tony's the bomb. You can see the exact same scene in a class multiple times, but it can have a completely different outcome because each person playing the role has their own unique energy, thoughts and feelings that only they can bring to the table. And this is what Tony teaches us, to be honest in our work. Rather than "play" the part, you need to put your own being into it. In a way, it's not even an acting class, but a class teaching you how to come into your own, both in your craft and life in general."

Shelby Young
American Horror Story, Days of Our Lives, The Social Network

"Anthony's work is a breath of fresh air. The technique is an honest, no-holds-barred approach to acting - and life. I always leave class with insight and a smile."

Taryn Southern
Battle: Los Angeles, The Walking Dead, recurring on Rules Of Engagement

"AMAW is more than just an amazing studio that quickly improves your acting ability; it's a community of creativity that nurtures the actor, mind, body, and soul. Tony's passion and commitment to acting and life is contagious and permeates every aspect of the studio, teachers, and student actors. The way work we here is unlike anything I've ever experienced before in an acting class, it's so simple and pure, yet exciting and scary, leading to true authenticity and moment to moment reality. I came to AMAW to improve my acting, and I have been amazed at the strides I've made and continue to make as an actor; what I didn't expect to find here was this awesomely talented fellowship of actors who inspire, love, and support each other's work, and never let me forget why being an actor is so special."

Chaz Bono
The Sonny & Cher Show

"Training with Tony gave me a whole new perspective in my work. His style was something I've never experienced. I thoroughly enjoyed my time in his workshop and I learned so many valuable lessons. He is committed to getting the best out of each actor."

McKaley Miller
Star of Hart of Dixie, The Iceman, Wizards of Waverly Place, Partners

"Tony simply gets the best out of his students. There's no room to get  comfortable and there's no time for fear. If you're in his class, you're doing the best work of your life, and growing every week you choose to commit."

Rachel DiPillo
Star of Revenge, Wendy, HawthornE, Mad Men

"Whether you’ve been acting for years, months, or days, Tony helps you find your own path to truthfulness, presence, and commitment; that undoubtedly affects your life on and off the screen..."

Reed Thompson
Moneyball (w/ Brad Pitt), Not Another Celebrity Movie

"Thanks to AMAW I fell in LOVE with acting again! It was like I was lost for awhile and after coming to Tony's class I found myself again in my life and in the work. I learn so much every class and leave feeling more and more confident and excited. Learning how to trust your instincts and live fully in the moment creates so much more opportunity for brilliance than any other approach. I would recommend AMAW to anyone who wants to become more free in their acting and personal life."

April Matson
Star of Kyle XY, Psych, NCIS

"It sounds corny, but it's true: being at AMAW hasn't just changed my career for the positive, its changed my life. Literally every person becomes family and we are all there for each other in class & out of class. There is no better place to fall on your face one week & have a major breakthrough the next. It isn't a 'That's BRILLIANT! Do it again!' type of studio. A lot of times, Tony gives you the swift kick you need to stop 'acting' and just live moment-to-moment as the most truthful & real."

Katherine Vanderlinden
Recurring Role on 90210, Huge, House M.D.

“Tony is the best acting teacher. Ever.”

Jill Wagner
Star of Teen Wolf, Bones, Splinter, Road to Paloma

“Tony really improves your awareness of yourself, which in turn benefits your acting tenfold”

Taylor Gray
Star of Bucket and Skinner's Epic Adventures, The Mentalist, Hawthorne

"The title 'acting teacher' does not begin to cover what Anthony does. He is a life coach, spiritual guide, personal motivator and cheerleader. What he has created at his studio is so rare and beautiful that you truly have to experience it to understand it. It's a supportive community where you can nourish your soul, and from a place of love and support be guided to the truest place of yourself. From that place you are free to create and play without rules or judgment. Tony's passion for teaching is truly inspiring and contagious. It is the most fun and inspiring time that you will have in an acting class."

Amanda Crew
Suits, Knife Fight, Charlie St. Cloud, Crazy Kind of Love, Jobs (Steve Jobs Biopic), Silicon Valley

Anthony was my first instructor in LA and I couldn’t have asked for a better foundation."

Joe Slaughter
Star of Step Up 3D, Femme Fatale, The Bold and the Beautiful

"Tony makes me feel comfortable turning characters into my own and having fun, just playing in my own skin."

Ambyr Childers
Star of The Master, Freelancers, Star of All My Children, 2 Guns, Gangster Squad, Ray Donovan

“Tony is truly a remarkable teacher. He has taught me so much not only about acting, but about life in general. He never allows me to settle for anything less than what is possible, and has shown me that it is 'the moment' that we are after as actors and human beings. Thanks, Tony!”

Michael Grant
Star of The Secret Life Of The American Teenager, Criminal Minds, Children's Hospital, Brooklyn Nine-Nine

“If I had to sum up Tony’s teachings in one word it would be ‘commitment.’ No matter how stupid the situation or outlandish the writing, he teaches us that we cannot go wrong if we are simply committed. Own it! Tony is definitely an actor’s director. He has a way of bringing out something so unique in any scene that none of us actors could have ever preconceived. That alone makes him one of the best acting teachers in Los Angeles today.”

Mark Hapka
Star of Days of Our Lives, Cold Case, Hannah Montana, Criminal Minds

“The one thing that I learned from Tony, that I’ll never forget, is to stop planning and just live in the moment.  He has created a place where you feel safe as an actor to come in and really go for it. Even if you look ridiculous. Can’t thank him enough for what he’s taught me.”

Jordan Monaghan
Star of True Jackson VP, The Secret Life of An American Teenager, True Blood

“Tony taught me that I already have everything I need within myself to "act" and encouraged me to access every emotion that I've carefully concealed, ignored, and resisted in order to be "appropriate" in life. This freedom and self-exploration has given me the understanding and confidence to live the life I have always wanted. "

Gina Comparetto
The Mentalist, Dexter, and How I Met Your Mother

"It all started making sense when I met Tony. He strips it all down so you only have YOU and the moment. He made me realize the magic happens when you are present and embracing the here and now. You cannot control or hold on. Working with him has been incredibly freeing. "

Matt Dallas
Star of Kyle XY, Eastwick, Entourage, Baby Daddy

"Tony is the most extraordinary teacher I've ever had. Before I met Tony I never knew acting could be so REAL and TRUTHFUL. He has taught me how to surrender in the moment, listen, and how to live in the "let go."  I have finally realized that the possibilities are endless not only in acting, but in my personal life as well."

Rachel Marie
Modern Family, Suite Life on Deck, House M.D.

"Tony Meindl, where to start? He absolutely rocks my world! Keeping acting as truthful as possible, my journey so far with Tony has been extremely fundamental. He's taught me to face my fears and open up to a level of vulnerability I never knew existed. Tony has always kept it as natural and simple as possible, leaving out any unnecessary habits or 'ideas' of acting. I can't wait to learn more and more as our journey progresses and also, to keep learning more about myself in the exploration I make. Acting is somewhat spiritual and sacred to me and Tony is truly an amazing coach to share and learn more about my passion with!"

Cassie Scerbo
Star of Sharknado!, Star of Make It or Break It, CSI: Miami, Bring It On: In It to Win It, Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja

"Before I met Anthony, 'character' was always something that I felt I had to create, or reach as an actor. I had the predetermined notion that casting directors knew the 'character' they were searching for in any given project. Anthony stripped it down simply, and I soon realized that the character was not something to achieve -- it was already within me -- that the very actor IS the character. I learned that an individual's persona is unequivocally more interesting than any attempt to create a character would ever be. As a result, I began auditioning as 'myself,' not what I thought the casting departments wanted. I have since worked continuously as an actor in Los Angeles. Less is so very often more. Thanks Anthony."

Brianne Howey
Revenge, Baby Daddy, The Middle, Horrible Bosses 2, Playing House, Hart Of Dixie, Twisted

"Through tony’s holistic approach to the craft I’ve not only learned how to be more alive within my acting but more importantly how to be more alive within my life. His passion for his students creates a safe and inspiring environment to take a risk, surrender  to the moment and let go. Tony teaches us that it is through the courage to be yourself that one realizes what they are truly capable of."

Eric Martsolf
EmmY Winner and Star of Days of Our Lives (Outstanding Support Actor), Miss Behave, Smallville, Rizzoli & Isles

"Anthony Meindl's class gave me a safe environment in which to hone my craft, coupled with the kick in the pants I needed to become more grounded, simple, and 'real' actor. The results say it all. Before Tony's class: ZERO television bookings. After Tony's class: MULTIPLE Guest Star and Recurring gigs on major TV shows and film roles."

Todd Sherry
Subgurgatory, Chuck, Just Go with It, Parks and Recreation

"Anthony, I'm so grateful to have had the opportunity to get coached by you! Usually getting coached messes me up but you helped me to trust my instinct and go for it. Thanks my man!!!"

BJ Britt
Sons of Anarchy, Grimm, Star of BET's BEING MARY JANE, Beverly Hills Cop, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Alexandra Paul "Because Tony is warm and welcoming himself, his studio is a safe place to explore, feel and BE. For years I have thought I had to do "more" to be interesting, but Tony taught me that simplicity is the key to my best, most honest performance. Just realizing that gave me a relaxation as an actress which I never had before. Bring yourself, an open heart and gentle mind to class, and you will be emotionally and spiritually inspired."

Alexandra Paul
Star of over 60 films & television shows

"Tony creates a safe and supportive environment to explore yourself as an actor and as a human being. He emphasizes the journey as opposed to an end result. His organic teaching style has guided me into the unknown, where I have been surprised and inspired by the power of the moment. What else can I say....I love him!"

Danielle Hoover
Star of NBC's The Rerun Show, Star of the award-winning short Ready? OK!

"Tony's philosophy and subsequently his class offer a unique place in the Los Angeles landscape, a place for the actor to explore his or her artistry and expand his or her instrument safely, unbound from the myopic need to get a job. It is a class dedicated to the actor's right to wildly, unselfconsciously explore; removing all limits imposed by you and the business on your acting; reminding you what it is to truly be an artist and actor."

Dave Monahan
The Dark Knight Rises, Political Animals, Revenge

"Being a part of AMAW has been an exhilarating, triumphant, and educational experience. Working with Sean and Tony is absolutely amazing! They really help break down those fears and pre-conceived notions of yourself and give you the push you need to "just commit and go for it" in your work. I have felt so much more relaxation in my work through understanding that, "I'm going to experience what I want to experience as my character" that is truthful to the story and myself. Also allowing myself to not give into "feeling what I think the character is feeling" because I am he and he is me. Thank you AMAW for getting me to places in my work that I so often don't allow myself to get to."

Titus Makin Jr.
GLEE, Star-Crossed, NCIS

"Tony made me feel comfortable to leave my entrenched training and process behind me and just to focus on investing completely in the reality of the scene. Who I was, where I was and what I need to do at that specific moment. His insistence on focused simplicity really cut through a lot of the over-thinking that I often shackle myself with. Thanks Tony!"

Brad Rowe
National Treasure: Book of Secrets, The Mentalist, Cold Case, General Hospital, Perception (ABC)

"Tony is an incredible acting coach. His insights are great and he always conveys them with a clarity and passion that leaves me empowered to do better work."

Quddus Phillippe
Host of Duets, Girlfriends, Uptown Girls

Rachel Specter "Tony's class helped me learn how to be present and remain in the moment. His style of teaching encouraged me to really let go of myself and feel what my character feels. It was the most practical and helpful scene study class I've taken."

Rachel Specter
Just Go With It, CSI: NY, Entourage, Cougar Town

"....finding someone to believe in your craft and shape you not mold you is the hardest part, that's Tony's job and he's pretty damn good at it."

Adam Gregory
Star of The Bold and the Beautiful, 90210, 17 again, Hanna Montana Movie

"I wouldn't hesitate for a second to recommend Tony and his classes. He is an insightful, passionate and enthusiastic teacher. He taught me to be brave enough to see the truth about myself and embrace the unknown. I am very thankful for his honesty."

Ali Liebert
Apollo 18, Fringe, kyle xy, Bomb Girls

"Tony's class is always a refreshing ride. He teaches us the joys of experiencing listening, sharing and reacting on stage. We are taught to drop the reins and go for an ultimate ride."

Christie Clark
Carrie Brady on NBC's Days of Our Lives

"Taking classes here has been an integral part of my growth process as an actor. Tony's classes are a no-stress, fun, and supportive environment for actors. He focuses on listening, being present, and trusting what you need will be there for you. You are not only free to be yourself here without judgment, but Tony wants you to be yourself and honor yourself. You will remember what's fun about acting here...Tony is passionate and full of life...I totally and completely recommend AMAW! "

Usha Kiren
Recurring Role on RAISING HOPE

"It's a joy to find a class that is not focused on auditioning, but about becoming free in your work."

Milena Govich
Star of Law & Order, Body of Proof, Rescue Me, Make It or Break It, The Mentalist

"Of all my acting class experiences, I have to say that from day one, Tony reopened my eyes to the entire art of it. He makes a very comfortable and welcoming environment, and not only helped me overcome my individual obstacles, but helped me to find myself as a person. Tony teaches his students to just BE in their work, and it's a very freeing feeling. Thank you for everything, Tony!"

Jenna Stone
Star of Miss Behave

"Anthony Meindl is one of a kind. His passion is contagious and inspiring! The beauty of his class and his technique is that it allow the actors to search and discover in a very freeing way yet he is always there to guide you while still maintaining your instincts and individuality. Its a sweet balance. "

Tamara Levinson Campos & Daniel Cloud Campos

"Tony has been an instrumental key in all aspects of my life. He has this innate ability to make you a better person, and in return you become a better actor. I would not be where i am today in my life, work, or career without his endless support and dedication as a teacher and mentor."

Isidora Goreshter
Recurring on Shameless

"Tony's discerning eye and enlightened mind are an illustrious combination. He has helped me to shatter my trepidations, which, in turn, has allowed me to be more present and committed in my work. His insights, I have no doubt, have enhanced and enriched my craft. Tony is not merely a teacher of acting. He is a teacher of self. At the end of the day, acting is not "acting," but the realistic interpretation of life. Nothing knows life better than self."

Justin Prentice
Malibu Country, NCIS

"I am so thankful that I found AMAW. It is so much more than just an acting class, it's a life class. I walk away from every session feeling more in tune with who I am and more present in all my daily activities and my craft. Tony is the best!! And I'm eternally thankful!"

Echo Kellum
Sean Saves the World, Rick and Morty