Anthony Meindls Actor WorkshopAnthony Meindls Actor WorkshopAnthony Meindls Actor Workshop


Casting Seminars

The casting series involves top TV and FILM casting directors and associates who attend workshops at the studio to observe actors and meet new talent with whom they are not yet familiar. The workshops are set up one of two ways: either the actors do prepared scenes for the casting directors, in which the director sometimes gives adjustments, or the director brings in material with which the actors participate in cold readings. Generally, the director will bring sides from the TV show or film he or she is currently casting or has cast in the past, to see how effectively actors can pick up the script and bring their own sense of self to the role. Many actors have booked jobs or been brought in to read for projects by being seen by these casting directors at the studio.

Agent and Manager Series/Seminars and Showcases

The agent/manager workshops are designed as mini-showcases. Generally 9 scenes(consisting of around 18 actors) are put up in front of these industry guests who may be looking to represent new talent. Generally, the evening is about an hour long and after the work is completed the representatives from certain agencies/management companies then lead a Q&A about the business, what they might be looking for, information about their companies, etc. It's a great opportunity to network, meet new people, and have your work seen by top industry representatives. Many actors have been signed by talent firms by participating in these workshops or have made contacts that they would otherwise not have had access to or opportunity to create.

Directing Series

The directing series is an intense 3-hour hands-on session where working film/tv directors come to the studio and watch the actors do prepared scenes. Generally in half-hour segments, the director then works with the actors as he or she would work with actors on set. Some directors work on specific technical aspects, others work with actors in exploring the scene in different ways, still others work on isolated moments in the script or work more specifically with the actor's definition of the role. It is a very exciting, collaborative process where visionary directors experiment with passionate actors to discover greater truths in the work and the possibilities created therein.

As everything at the studio is created in the effort to explore deeper truth in one's work and life, and generate one's life and work from an authentic place of empowerment, no workshops are ever designed just to showcase actors for the mere sake of showcasing. The actors who participate are schooled in the philosophy of the studio that, first and foremost, holds consistent and authentic commitment to the work as the foundation on which everything else is built. The actor's focus is always to be on the work FIRST. When the actors surrender to the work, then the opportunity to share that work with others is earned.

While we’re thrilled that our workshops have contributed to many students’ independent success, we do not agent, manage, commission, procure or attempt to procure work for actors. In keeping with state codes, ANTHONY MEINDL'S ACTORS WORKSHOP conducts entirely optional workshops with solely educational intent. Our workshops are not job interviews or auditions, and the presence of an industry professional, including but not limited to: a producer, a director, or a casting director, an associate, or representative, is neither a promise or guarantee of employment or an audition. Contact with an Industry professional solely through a workshop in and of itself does not result in a contract with the guest or the production company they represent. Workshops/Showcases are not auditions for employment or for obtaining a talent agent or talent manager. Labor code 1703.1(b)