Anthony Meindls Actor WorkshopAnthony Meindls Actor Workshop

It's time to re-examine how we look at acting!

Einstein said it: Everything is constantly evolving, expanding and transforming. So why are we still teaching acting as if nothing has changed in the last 70 years? At AMAW, the long-held illusions that continue to keep actors in the dark about their creative process are being shattered. It's revolutionary. It's what you always knew acting could be: fun, easy, empowering.

So how do you do it? It won’t be through substitutions, sense memory, becoming an animal (“I think I’m a dog. No, I think I’m a snake!”). It won’t be through repetition exercises or 8 hours of scene rehearsals with your partner who'd rather be at the beach. It won’t be through memorization and more memorization (“Learn those lines, dammit!”) or drilling objectives or imbuing your objects with personal meaning (“This coffee cup reminds me of rainbows.”).

Refreshing, huh? So how will you get there?

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